Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fuck it(broke rapper verse)

I'm spitting with honour but craving to eat,
Just sit in the corner,I go insane on the beat,
It's so plain to speak,with the beat banging hard,
But the pain is too deep,and these damn things scar,
And we can't think far,but we see these kids on the street,
This kid's like a freak,wish that food shit was more cheap,
He's freakishly thin,ain't eaten for days,
Gets squeamish and spins,eyes fixed on the street in a gaze,
Same look of grief and of rage,we've seen it before,
It reeks of a plague and your dream is a whore,
She promises pussy and takes all that you've got,
Tells you "You can push weed!" but your plans fall and you're caught,
Or you study hard but ain't got money for college,
Rappers say "Fuck these bars!" and get funny with chronic,
They can't cut it without the connects they haven't even got,
Lose hope and fuck it,nobody checks for talent,just floss,
Ain't no work unless you got contacts,life is a bitch,
Wanna put a bet on that?I bet you ain't surviving this shit,
So sick of the smoke and the lies,give me some cause or some bread,
What use is keeping hope alive when I'm already dead?
That faggot shit sure sounds nice in a rhyme,
But I see mice in the shrine,virtue's lost,only vice in my mind.
Don't love me

Don't love me, hate me,despise me,leave me alone,
Don't touch me or take me,just leave me at home,
All I feel is the dome,i'm numb,I feel I'm dead,
So I deal with and hone,but I'm stunned,no feelings in head.

They said i was a difficult child,raising difficulties,
Like,"Look at this kid he sulks right?",adults tried to kick and sculpt me,
But no beating or abuse could make up for any of it,
I feel what's the use,I now rap what not many would spit,
But many would fit me into a category so I changed that,
Not a fucked up kid,me,think you had the story but i took the game back,
It's not the same facts,we all had tough times right?
If I could take the frame back,through these buzzed rhymes write,
Could I stop my father,maybe teach my mother what's right?
I'm lost,I'd rather be crazy,see I smother all life,
A brother's all right,atleast that's what he tells the people,
He suffers all night,the beast inside make the terrors of hell so feeble,
He felt the steeple he stands on matters more than the pain inside,
Who'll cry when this man's gone?This rapper flows,but it's insane,he flys,
Only to fall so hard,but can never show pain,
The man you call a bard,but trapped on his own soul train,
Can't control game,the clown uses make up and jokes,
To try and not expose pain,while the junkie takes up on dope.

Don't love me, hate me,despise me,leave me alone,
Don't touch me or take me,just leave me at home,
All I feel is the dome,i'm numb,I feel I'm dead,
So I deal with and hone,but I'm stunned,no feelings in head.

I don't know love but hate is what I've always lived with,
It seems so fucked but wait,you can go ahead and call this shit sick,
But the known devil is better than the unknown Lord they say,
So on no level or weather can I even try and stall their play,
This is my role and I play it par excellence,
Even when spiiting my soul admits what this bar confesses hence,
I don't mess with sense,this is not a logical thing,
All The stress this kid vents,u know I'm lost in the swing,
All i got is this thing,you call it music,
But it's the cost of the ring,you see all this new shit?
I'm married to the rhyme,'coz rhythm saved my life,
All i carry in my mind,every thing I braved I write,
I pretend it's ok so people won't show fake concern,
Go to my friends?Shit,no way!All the shit I take I learn,
In the hate I burn,maybe even reject the lil' love i get,
The bitterness I never waste,I earn,till I cease to even love myself,
All that exists is the fact of who I am,nobody cares but me,
What I spit in the raps,try understand,this is a rare bust,see,
I never say this aloud,and there's a reason for that,
Not 'coz A-List is proud,but 'coz i may laugh but inside I'm bleeding in fact.

Don't love me, hate me,despise me,leave me alone,
Don't touch me or take me,just leave me at home,
All I feel is the dome,i'm numb,I feel I'm dead,
So I deal with and hone,but I'm stunned,no feelings in head.

Ok Mr. Therapist,should I lie down on the couch and speak?
I bet you never miss,you can tell me just what my mouth will speak,
"Well son,let me see,your father abused you and you were mentally disturbed,
But when hell's done,you grow larger,you do hip hop,try and vent what you heard,
Have issues with love,higher comfort level with hate,
So as you spit through the thugs,more hatred than even the devil could take,
"WRONG!Mr. Doctor,I'm not a textbook case you study,
I'm strong,I opt for the next look,you're fazed,you're cruddy,
Now got a knife on your neck,how about a second opinion man?
Lived my whole life for espect,now I done wrecked a million plans,
I'm not suicidal,I just wonder if death is easy,
Hey what if i pull this rifle?Bet you never ever felt this queasy!
"But son,relax,we can sit down and talk it out!"
Don't be dumb,I'm taxed,there's nothing to talk about!
So give me a pill and I'm out of this shit!
I spit free,I'm ill,don't make me shout at this bitch!
"But son,there's nobody there!We're the only ones!"
I'm just stunned,nobody cares!She won't leave me alone,she comes!
"But who is she?Would you like some water,have you ate?"
Shut the fuck up!Can't you see she's the daughter of all the hate,
She's come to take me,but I will get you bitch!
That's what the downside of hate be,it just won't let you live.
Real Fucking Story

A real fucking story,this ain't no fictional tale,
When your soul's rushing slowly,and the visions is pale,
The friction,it sails,sets you on fire,you burn,
The water's right next to you but you too tired to turn,

So when you too tired to turn,you just lay in your rest,
Thoughts lay in your chest,the eyes is sayin' the rest,
And prayin' is best,but who do you pray to?
Pray to be blessed and you pray he'll save you,
Like the lil'boy who used to play with the toys,
Now he don't play no more,and he shakes in his voice,
Ever since he met the candy man,just a matter of candy damn,
But can he plan how to stand,he can't,
Not after what happened to him that day he'll never forget,
What's been happening since,he wakes up in sweat,
Middle of night,screams of silence echo in head,
This riddle of life,the day he lets go,he's dead,
But it's like a bunch of thorns he's holding hard,
Feels like the crunch is gone but his soul is scarred,
That man touched him,would anyone even try and understand?
But his mom wants to wish it away and dad's too busy being a fucking man.

A real fucking story,this ain't no fictional tale,
When your soul's rushing slowly,and the visions is pale,
The friction,it sails,sets you on fire,you burn,
The water's right next to you but you too tired to turn,

She's a girl.Or is she?She doesn't know anymore,
Her eyes are misty and all she knows is the hole,
The hollow empty space where her soul used to be,
The pain looks at her face,says,you'll get used to me,
I'm part of you now,I'm not going away,
It's so dark in the grounds,all she knows is the taste,
Of pure bitterness, hurt,strife and misery,
Every moment hits her chest,last night she didn't sleep,
To keep the dreams away,she clutches her hands,
All that she's seen,she prays as much as she can,
It's not her reflection in the mirror she sees,
It's the pain and depression,she gets thinner it seems,
As if something's eating her inside,she suffers in silence,
The world's defeating her cries,even the chuckles is violent,'
Coz she cries when she laughs and she dies when she cries,
Soul dies in her gasps although it tries to survive,
When she looks at the mirror,the mirror looks back,
As if asking her how the fuck she took that?
But did she take it ot did it take her,
Is this God's way of sayin' he hates her?
Now her faith stirs,she's tryin' hard to keep it alive,
But how the fuck she gon' do that when she still sees him at night?

A real fucking story,this ain't no fictional tale,
When your soul's rushing slowly,and the visions is pale,
The friction,it sails,sets you on fire,you burn,
The water's right next to you but you too tired to turn,

You want to turn away,not deal with this,understand,
Pretend this don't happen 'coz you feel it just can't,
As a man or a woman,you can't figure or comprehend,
Like "I can't help you,I'm not that strong a friend",
But one must be stronger than all those who think they're stronger men,
Or women as the case may be,I didn't write this song with pen,
Wrote it with pain,wrote it with blood,wrote it with soul,
Wrote it with what you cope with,wrote it with mould,
Like fungus that is formed and grows on the surface,
We'd be dumb fucks if we didn't try to grow,let it hurt less,
Try deal with shit, fight what we have to fight united as one,
If you feelin' sick,who knows,maybe that might just be done,
Which is needed,or maybe not,maybe a fraction,
We all have something and still we do lack some,
And that is the catch son,it's so fuckin' apparent,
Maybe it's time to stop being a guardian and start bein' a parent,
On that note the song is ended with a hope for relevance,
Through all the smoke,the remanence,of what they never sensed,
And that is the force,the power you must pray to,
'Coz it's you yourself and nobody else that can fucking save you.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lyrics for Flow Of the Century(on my album)

It's A-List man,I got the flow of the century,
Lyrically dope is what you know every venture be,
A-List insane,it don't get sicker than that,
And I keep getting iller and slicker in fact,

Okay,before I get on and bust this the way that I bust this,
Get in the bus,sit,it's time to discuss this,like is it just this,
Or is it justice,now you adjust it,you see this is greater than lust is,
So no need to fuss,bitch,'coz you know this,man,if it's A-list he must spit,
And if he does spit,you will finally comprehend and figure,
What his buzz is,by God he has been now sent to trigger,
When he vents,it's sicker,than a test tube of cancer cells,
You see the pencils flicker,they don't answer well,
To the questions he's asking,and now a question you ask,
To the expressions he's maskin',you cannot lessen the task,
But you curious why he refers to himself in third person,
Is it because he's a psycopath who then observes persons,
Has two voices like Norman Bates did,
Is he on that fucked up "oh my god"Norman Bates shit?
But he ain't born in hate,kid,
You see this form is basic,
Through this song he says shit,and doesn't refer to himself as I,
Not 'coz he's plain sick,but 'coz he wants to die.

It's A-List and I got the flow of the century,
Lyrically dope is what you know every venture be,
A-List insane,it don't get sicker than that,
And I keep getting iller and slicker in fact,

Incase you forgot who's flowin' now,it's the indian emcee,
And fuck the site goin' down,online till six million and three,
That's how long I plan to live,I'm a man,I spit,
Whatever,I plan my shit,handle this,
You know what,I dismantle spits,
At the same time you know that the challenge is,
My talents sick,so with my talons,shit,
I fly in the sky and show yall who I be,
A to the L to the I-S-T,
That's right,I'm on top of the heirarchy,
And my fire be,to never retire,see,
'Coz none of you cats could decipher me,
My cyphers be on top of my game,
That's right,that's why I'm so cocky and vain,
My name is A-List and I'm on top of the playlist,
So just let me get on the mic and let me say this,
Now they ask me,"How can you rap if you're Indian?
"Bitch Ass Pussy!I never asked for opinions!",
Being Indian?Fuck being a nation,
I'm everything,I'm lyrical inspiration,
I'm hip hop,I'm not a man,I'm a bird,
I fly in the sky,now you may have heard,
That I observe cats to be iller than me,
Are really fictional,that's right,I'm a killer emcee,
And this filler it be so ill,
At the same time can't help but respect my skills,
And now the beat's going out,my producer's excited,
'Coz you know me,I'm on that hype shit,
I just won't stop rapping but the beat's going on,
But you know I can't help it,I'm just flowing strong,

So I got the flow of the century,
Lyrically dope is what you know every venture be,
A-List insane,it don't get sicker than that,
And I keep getting iller and slicker in fact.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Now a bitch is a female dog,but once translated in slang,
You see a few of us,we trail God while the rest basically hang,
Of those a few like to criticise and hate for no reason at all,
No matter the weather or the shit in the sky,they say 'tis the season to fall,
These few are the bitches around,their culture,it don't really exist,
I'm at the feast and I sit with my crown,look,the vultures clearly are pissed,
Then there's the other bitches,the ones that claim to love you,
All the hugs and smothered kisses,but the game it bugs you,
You get this odd feeling but you ignore and set it aside,
But like the wall's peeling,you go like it's expected,it's iight,
Till when the plaster slips off,the bitch was fake afterall,
Now them bastards is lost,no cushion to help your ass's fall,
So the bitch fucks up your perception of relationships,
Now your shit's stuck up,all the hurt stressin',now you hate this shit,
View all women as hoes,just like them other bitches fuck your musical spirit,
Started spinning in flows,now fake cats dictate how you bust and spew in your lyrics,
So you hang with only prostitutes,both literally and also in metaphorical form,
Now this thang it constitutes,the concept that's called in this song,
Now these are the bitches,but if you let them affect you,
Then you're what a bitch is,they dissect and they wreck you,
So you gotta be a dogg,walk on and not pay no mind,
It's amazing how these dudes all talk but never say no rhymes.
If God was an emcee,each man must be a bar in the verse,
And the lord can't be bent,see,there's no barring a curse,
You can't censor the almighty power,can't change or tune the station,
And the divine mic be powered,with the death you soon be facin',
You confused,you pacin'?Let me explain my theory in fact,
Pay heed to this communication,the thoughts i'm exploring in rap,
When a man dies,his life energy is converted to a different form,
What can't fall can't fly,you can observe the things in a storm,
Thunder,lightning,the showers of rain,all seperate forms of same energy,
There is no such thing as power in vain,now what you lames never see,
Is that energy will forever be existing in one form or the other,
Weak is just one form of life while strong is another,
It's all the same,physics combined with metaphysical facts,
So I done called the game,i know he lays lyrical tracks,
And we are the bars,life is the beat,so you gotta ride it with style,
But so often we struggle and fight with the beat,he just writes shit and smiles,
Thinking he's got some hot rhymes,but he makes a mistake,
Forgets these bars they got minds,but there is a way out of this state,
Now the rhymes may be stunning and heat,but it's not a hot track,
Unless the bars are one with the beat,but once you got that,
A harmony between the rhymes and the beat,between life and the living,
Now go re-read the line and repeat,where you see a mic,I see a vision.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Leave me alone with a pad and a pen in a room with a light,
'Coz all I have at the end is the tune and the mic,
Or the beat and the flow,i'm better off left alone,
It's more than the heat or the cold,it's the best of domes,
I never left the zone,I often felt alone,
So i melt the cone and just rest at home,
'Coz home is where the heart is according to the wise,
But where is home if you're heartless?I pray to the lord that i'll survive,
But the sword and the knife,like the keyboard and the pen,
Are but parts of the chord that is tied, I see more than the men,
And less than the gods do,so I'm stuck in the middle,
Maybe the lord's through,done with adjusting the riddle,
That is humanity,maybe he's resigned and gone,
Maybe the true clarity of rhymes in songs,
Is the new meditation,the way I find what is divine,
The key to blessed creation,these lines lost in my mind,
So fuck everything other than that which i write on,
Most of these emcees suckers,the spirit's weak and the fight's gone,
But i still write songs,'coz this shit's the only friend that I've had,
So at the end when my life's gone,I wanna rest in peace with my pen and my pad.
This is the life,so i guess that must be the death,
When I'm sick on the mic,bust frees up on the deck,
Don't discuss g's but I rep,hip hop till the day i die or stop living,
It disgusts me and I've felt,gotta take from them what they not giving,
I don't just write rhymes,I breathe rhythm,fuck a rhyme scheme,
Use the fire to light minds,i've been spittin' all my mind's seen,
When I'm kicking these lines clean or when I be profane,
Cats is flipping,i see their eyes gleam,it's like green,so plain,
Green the colour of envy,red the colour of rage,blue the colour of sky,
I've seen these suckers,they emcees?i colour my page,and which colour am I?
I'm black,the colur you get down when all colours absorbed,
Though by fact,my skin is more brown,but now the puzzle is solved,
I do hustle and ball,not dealing drugs or pimping hoes though,
But I tussle and fall,get up and spit thinking flows slow,
Or with a faster rhythm,flip it whichever way i happen to feel like,
And whenever this bastard's spitting,it's like rappin' just feels right,
So the reason i rap is the reason the sky is blue or the rain is wet,
Or the reason in fact,why we breathin',this mic,this dude,it's so insane and yet,
It makes perfect sense,this is the life,so put that instrumental on,
I can write verse with pens or just spit on the mic,these bars meant for songs,
So fuck this,let me hook the mic up and record some heat,
No time to sit and look,this tight bust is all I need.

Friday, May 05, 2006

What do you see when you stare in the mirror,what looks back at your face?
Is it a man who's a killer or is this kat's just a waste?
What do I see when I look at my reflection,put it plain,who's the man in the mirror?
The earth's shook in all directions,i'm like a hurricane.ohh fuck,dammit I'm iller!
A lone warrior with my heart in my soul and my soul on my grind,
So i'm sorry world,but even in dark i don't fold,it's gold when i rhyme,
I might not have enough friends but it's cool 'coz i got enemies enough,
They ask me when the spittin' and visions end and I can't believe these fucks,
I'm so determined i caused determination to change it's mind,
Standing on the center line,there's no equations,just me,the game is mine,
It's strange to shine when everybody swears it's not possible,
They called me insane to rhyme but I didn't care,it's all obstacles,
The only way to stop the bullshit is to shoot the bull in the ass,
And yes it does get hot when I do spit,it's like matchsticks pulled in a flash,
Striking the matchbox,set fire to all that touches the flame,
So fuck all these cat's talks,i don't care,when I spit the rush is insane,
So what do I see?I see a man that don't give a fuck about shit,
Or a shit about fuck,he knows what's it about,it's about spit,
The hip hop religion's priest,that's all I see,that's all I live for,
So I see a lyrical priest that "roasts" rapper's balls but still he spits "raw".

Saturday, April 29, 2006

You never were my friend,just another bitch on the sidelines,
And what ain't started can't end,now i see this live's mine,
Look in my tried mind,you either on or off the A-LIST train,
Not a very wide line,it's thin,can't believe I had to take this pain,
All of it so fake,so vain,i swore I would have done whateva for you,
But now all the faith is sprained,so me and you forever we through,
And it still hurts whenever I see you,it reminds me of what we used to be,
There was a time I thought I might need you,now shit just amuses me,
Like it's useless, see?So i use this key musically,
I'm already used to loneliness,gotta make loneliness get used to me,
So i try cruise with ease,but sometimes I'm reminded,
And no fucking words can express how fucked up my mind is,
So now I don't trust nobody,I see you in every person I meet,
I don't give a fuck,no buddies,just me writing a verse on a beat,
It's a curse I repeat,stuck in a loop of solitude,not that I mind it,
Anywayz it hurts to speak,so i just stick to the heart that I rhyme these lines with,
Stick to myself like i was a folded piece of paper stained with glue,
Just live in my hells,i'm the perfect example of what pain can do,
And once I've explained it through,get off the stage and back in my corner,
They said it gets better with time but this cage is in fact getting stronger,
I'm trapped in,I conjure maybe some form of escape but then I stop mid-way,
'Coz all I ever seen is hate,so I just grab the mic and let the hot scripts spray,
Maybe it's better this way,maybe this how it's supposed to be,
So you know it's whateva,it's played,fuck conversating,I use my flow to speak.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Five dudes step in an elevator,press the floor switches and wait,
But just a few floors later,lift's stuck,peeps gettin' late,
And this peep,he just shakes,he's nervous and sweaty,
He feels the curse of his fate,others ask him to chill it already,
One of the dudes asked for help on his mobile,so they just had to relax,
And they'd get out in no while,but then the dude layed out the facts,
His name was Salim,he was a suicide bomber in disguise,
"Believe me,I say what I mean,take a careful look in these eyes,
Do i look like I'm joking?And if I am,how come it ain't funny?
So unless they get us open,we'll all die,I know that often some see,
My cause as one that is lost,but atleast I would have died for my purpose,
But now this fall has cost me my mission and us the toil of our workers."

In the wrong place at the wrong time,
Now as the bond breaks you know the song's mine,
But it could apply to any situation or person,
And this right here what we facin',life blesses few and does curse some,

Needless to say,shit was getting heavy and twisted,
And them people were "Hey!Surely you ain't alone,you were assisted,
So who was it?Tell them to switch it off if you don't know how,
Talk to your bosses!I been through war,I won't go down,
Not like this,I got a family to feed and dreams to fulfil,
I swear my life's gone by with such speed,I have so much to do still,"
But Salim mantained that they didn't work that way,
And at camp,he'd heard kats say,by the earth that lay,
That anyone touching the bomb would set it off at that instant,
Period just two seconds long,he hadn't looked at it since then,
Everyone panicky,except this one dude,he's calm like the sea,
Face reflecting gravity,he spoke,"The reason I'm calm is I'm free,
I know that yall don't wanta die,but i do,so it's not really a problem,
I'm sick of looking life in the eye,yall either have families or got friends,
I was gonna kill myself later anyway,but I'm sorry yall stuck here,
But If it's the last thing i say,I'm ready to die,fuck fear!"

*Nervous man who talked of being at war lunges at Salim and triggers the bomb.There's a slight beep beep for two seconds and then a shattering explosion*

In the wrong place at the wrong time,
Now as the bond breaks you know the song's mine,
But it could apply to any situation or person,
And this right here what we facin',life blesses few and does curse some,
Creativity is the daughter of strife and the bride of life itself,
Exist in two states like water and ice,and realize these hells,
My eyes, they spell, put alphabets into words I pronounce,
I curse and I pounce, when I write a verse and announce,
What I announce in verse,like I'm in court under oath,
Like a fountain,that bursts,then floats under smoke,
Or just dust that rose from the marble and stone that collapsed,
When I bust that flow, I go from my dome,yall flow from your ass,
Like the hoes and the cash,but what the hoe look like?
And did yall notice the cash, the serial numbers don't look right,
Hip hop was born in africa,kats used it to pass on messages in code,
So you get agressive with your flow,but I'm sensing it's a load,
Of bullshit,coming out a bull's ass after it eats,
Yall use effects like gunshots and laughter,it's sweet,
But to create,you must first be creative, you see,
Let me now give you a sample of what creativity be,
When the sun shines on the grass after the grass got wet with the dew,
When you get rhymin' on tracks,that's what i'm expecting from you,
The feeling of pure truth,of god's work in front of our eyes,
So when you do secure booth,I advise you to hunt for the cries,
Of the forefathers whose souls still float in the sky,
You can drink all you can and smoke till you die,
But you won't be high as that, it's like the heavens descended on earth,
When you spit as fly as that,then you sense that all of your work,
Upto this point is but a shadow of the tail of the dragon,
Then you spit on this joint,flow is hallowed,like the visions they say they imagine,
At the end, the white light, you can see that everytime that you spit,
And then you can brag about how your rhyming is sick.
If life is tough,death must be easy,
And you might bluff,but check on the CD,
On the backflap,as well as on the side,
After the wack raps and the talk of being fly,
The talk of being high,you'll see where the genre is written,
Now you see it right,slowly gettin' stronger in vision,
Hip Hop/Rap,the only evidence that would suggest,
Any connection or sense of what was expressed,
By the pioneers,now all you have is diamonds and floss,
The music's dyin' here,and somewhere even the rhymin' is lost,
We used to have musicians,now we just have producers,it's sad,
And no more true spittin',emcees went from voices of the future with pads,
To jokers with shining gold in their teeth but it's ironic to see,
How they never shine in flows,it's so weak,all the chronic and weed,
All to get high,but they still get low,a contradiction in truth,
But in all the sex,lies,where'd the respect go?Just a buncha fictions,the youth,
Forgot what hip hop's about,like when Kool Herc first spit out a rhyme,
Lemme tell you what hip hop is now,gotta get this shit out my mind,
When I spit out my lines,and it's dope and it's true,
When I get out my grind,and I bring hope,when it's through,
What is left in me is the spirit of hip hop,the emcees religion,
Whenever an emcee felt vision,or when an emcee fell spittin',
Got back up again,that's hip hop,the passion,the art,
When you smack up the game,take the light and start smashin' the dark,
When you open your mouth and it shines,not 'coz of the shit in your teeth,
But 'coz what you're about is your rhymes,and what you spit is unique,
Hip hop's gone greasy,it's dying 'coz death is easy,you get it?
To keep it alive we be tryin',with these keys that we blessed with,
But life is tough,so it's a struggle,and that's what I'm tryin' to say,
But we gotta fight,be tough and hustle to save hip hop from dyin' today.